Why We Love Maternity Photos

I am so excited to share a few of the maternity photos my friend and local photographer Stacy Carosa took for me a few weeks ago. Stacy is so amazing to work with—she’s talented, professional, kind, reasonably priced, and makes her subjects feel totally at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone living in or traveling to the Colorado Springs area. I am so happy to have these little keepsakes of the time I’ve spent with Baby #2 on the inside before he/she arrives!

Pregnancy is such a special time. Some love the experience, some hate it, but even those I’ve talked to who had really difficult pregnancies typically look back on the experience as something unique and personal, something to be remembered. Every pregnancy is different, and I think maternity photos are a great way to document and reflect on the highs and lows of that special, fleeting time. Whether you pay to have professional portraits taken or have a partner or friend snap a few for you (and let’s not forget those bump selfies), take some time to record your personal experience so you can look back long after the aches and pains of pregnancy, labor, and delivery have subsided and feel all the feels.

With our firstborn, we didn’t have the cash to hire a professional photographer so my husband and I took our own photos. We have a DSLR, but smartphones can take amazing photographs, too! Most of the photos I post on Instagram are snapped on my iPhone. In addition to finding good, natural lighting, my main suggestion is to keep things simple. If you’re somewhere with an elaborate background, stick to solid-color clothing. If you’re background has less going on, feel free to jazz it up a little with a pretty pattern, but try not to have anything that will distract too much from your glorious, glowing self. Here are two of my favorites from my pregnancy with Everest:


This second pregnancy has flown by for me, especially since I spend a good deal of my time chasing after an active toddler. I knew from the get-go that documenting this pregnancy would take a lot more effort, since life just seems a lot busier and more tiring this time around. With that in mind, I talked to our photographer Stacy months in advance to hold myself to getting maternity photos. I am so happy I did! I also put less pressure on myself to take weekly bump photos and made a commitment to taking them every 5 weeks so I would be more likely to stick with it. I found I liked this approach better anyway, because I can see the physical changes much more clearly between photographs, and—I won’t lie—I’m not the kind of person to shower and get dolled up every day. Click the photos below to scroll through:

What have you done to document your pregnancy? We’re always looking for new ideas. Comment below!

Photography (first five photos): Stacy Carosa Photography. Black lace dress: Motherhood Maternity. Floral crown: Indie Knot. Floral dress: Plum Pretty Sugar. Colorblock dress: Sonnet James.

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